Providing support for the vulnerable people of Kenya.

In Kenya, families and children are starving.

At Grace Place we work with abused and vulnerable women in Nakuru to help have a fresh start. We provide short to long-term hospitality and assistance providing housing and job opportunities.

We work together with the women to re-establish what’s truly needed in their life and how we can assist them in reaching their goal. With only a small capacity to facilitate four ladies at one time, we ensure that over the short-term stay at our centre the women can then go out and be self-sustaining without our assistance.

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Voluntary Help

Grace Place relies on the financial support of donors worldwide, but we’re unable to accept the help of volunteers on-site for the protection of the women in our care.


As an alternative, we do encourage your voluntary support at our partner orphanage, Mission In Action (MIA).


MIA is an outreach near our Grace Place shelter in Kenya. The orphanage includes a home, school and community project providing jobs for women called One Tribe Mama. Like us, they are a Christian Ministry and believe it is integral to partner together to continue the Gospel message to all the world.

You can visit them here: ​